Glycemic response to GLP-1 receptor agonists and outcomes of bariatric surgery

In this project, we investigated whether reduction in hemoglobin A1c on GLP-1 receptor agonist medications predicted diabetes outcomes following bariatric surgery.

Access to Healthcare in the United States, Disparities and Solutions

In this paper, I evaluate the state of healthcare access as of 2019 using the definition of access used by the US government in Healthy People 2020.

Morbidity and Mortality Trends in the Middle East

Changing trends of communicable and chronic disease in the Middle East were evaluated in infographic format.

Java Pigs - Pass the Pigs Computer Game

Programming in java, I developed a console version of the Pass the Pigs dice game. It's simple, but quite fun!

Isolation of Rothia dentocariosa from a United States one-dollar bill

I isolated and characterized an unknown bacterial species from a US one-dollar bill using genetic and physiologic evidence.

Project Storybook

From 2018 - 2019, I captured human experiences in an online platform through weekly prompts. This project has been temporarily discontinued.

Measuring Food Insecurity

In an essay format, I compare different methods of measuring food insecurity. Benefits and drawbacks of various measurement scales are evaluated.


Since 2018, I have helped empower daily physical activity through the yearly Abvember challenge. Each day of November, participants perform either 10 minutes of plank, 100 push-ups, or 100 sit-ups.

Dietary nitrate consumption effects on blood pressure

Meta analysis of the effects of nitrate consumption (e.g. beetroot and vegetables) on blood pressure was performed.

Introduction to Linux Using Ubuntu

With a team of computer science students, a tutorial for how to perform Ubuntu functions was developed.